April 22, 1946

April 22, 1946
Universal Recorders
Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, California
3 PM
Recorded on 16 inch acetate discs.

American Federation of Musicians contract side A
American Federation of Musicians contract side B

Bob Wills – Fiddle / Vocals
Tommy Duncan – Vocals
Dean McKinney – Vocals
Evelyn McKinney – Vocals
Joe Holley – Fiddle
Louis Tierney – Fiddle / Saxophone
Millard Kelso – Piano
Alex Brashear – Trumpet
Noel Boggs – Steel Guitar
Lester (Junior) Barnard – Electric Guitar
Johnny Cuviello – Drums
Billy Jack Wills – Bass
Luke Wills – Bass

and Solos
Black RiderTommy Duncan19-BKAL - F-39 (unissued) ,
Cimarron Roll On (Tk 1 incomplete)Bob Wills Trio
Cimarron Roll On (Tk 2)Bob Wills Trio19-D
Columbus Stockade Blues
Do You Ever Think Of Me (Tk 1 incomplete)
Do You Ever Think Of Me (Tk 2)20-A
Empty Chair At The Christmas Table34-B
G.I. WishTommy Duncan41-DKAL - F-35, C-35, K-35 ,
Goodnight Little SweetheartBob WillsOlus "Te" Justus"19-C , RGM CD 0244 Diskc 1
In My Dear Old Southern HomeJimmie Rodgers / Ellsworth Cozzens18-A , RGM CD 0244 Disc 1
Jealous Hearted MeDean McKinneyKAL - K-6002, C-6002 ,
Just Friends24-C
LibertyInstrumental19-A , RGM CD 0244 Disc 1
Paradise Isle
Ride On My Prairie PintoTommy DuncanAlice Blackmore / Carmen Cortez17-A , RGM CD 0244 Disc 1
Scott #2
St Louis Blues (Part 1)Bob Wills & Tommy DuncanKAL - F-35, C-35, K-35 ,
St Louis Blues (Part 2)Bob Wills & Tommy Duncan 5:45KAL - F-35, C-35, K-35 ,
Texas PlainsMcKinney Sisters 2:1918-BKAL - F-21, C-21, K-21 ,
There's Gonna Be A PartyTommy Duncan17-BKAL - F-32, C-32, K-32 , Lariat 1
' Til The Longest Day I Live (Tk 1 incomplete)Luke Wills
' Til The Longest Day I Live (Tk 2)Luke Wills40-C
Traveling BluesTommy DuncanJimmie Rodgers / Shelly Lee Alley17-D , BACM CD D 033, RGM CD 0244 Disc 1
We Might As Well Forget ItTommy DuncanJohnny Bond24-D , RGM CD 0244 Disc 1
When Day Is DoneMcKinney Sisters42-BKAL - K-6002, C-6002 ,
White Cross On Okinawa34-C
Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now17-C , BACM CD D 033

TRANS means which Tiffany Transcription disc (16 inch discs distributed to radio stations) it was released on and the letter is the track number. Issued is where is was issued since the demise of the Tiffany Transcription Co. KAL means Kaleidoscope with the following prefixes “F” means LP, “C” means cassette and “K” means CD. Not all issues on other labels are listed. Both Rhino (who purchased Kaleidoscope Records), Edsel Records in England, and Collectors Choice issued the Kaleidoscope albums pretty much unaltered.

This discography is based on the discography by Jeff Alexson and Tom Diamant published in the February 1988 Western Swing Newsletter.There are still unanswered questions and it is continually being researched and updated.

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