September 6, 1947

Photo of the actual recording session on September 6, 1947
Photo of the actual recording session on September 6, 1947

Session Date: September 6, 1947
The Sound Recorders
421 Powell St, San Francisco, California
11 AM
Recorded on 16 inch acetate discs.


Bob Wills – Fiddle / Vocals
Tommy Duncan – Vocals
Dean McKinney – Vocals
Evelyn McKinney – Vocals
Slim Andrews – Vocals
Millard Kelso – Piano
Herb Remington – Steel Guitar
Eldon Shamblin – Electric Guitar
Tiny Moore – Electric Mandolin
Johnny Cuviello – Drums
Billy Jack Wills – Bass
Ocie Stockard – Banjo

Those viewing this on small screens such as phones, click on the  +  sign next to the title for information on the recording.

DATE is the recording date. TRANS means which Tiffany Transcription disc (16 inch discs distributed to radio stations) it was released on and the letter is the track number. Issued is where is was issued since the demise of the Tiffany Transcription Co.

KAL means Kaleidoscope with the following prefixes “F” means LP, “C” means cassette and “K” means CD.

Both Rhino (who purchased Kaleidoscope Records), Edsel Records in England, and Collectors Choice issued the Kaleidoscope albums unaltered, their catalog numbers do not appear here.

RGM stands for Real Gone Music who issued one LP and a 2 disc CD set in 2014.

BACM has a CD out that has unissued Tiffany material on it. It’s a shoddy production of material mostly from the Tiffanys, most at the wrong speed (sped up), some that had been released on Kaleidoscope and some not Tiffanys at all. It also has a lot of mis-information on it.For more information o… There have been other re-issues on various labels but all come from the earlier releases listed here.

This discography is based on the discography by Jeff Alexson and Tom Diamant published in the February 1988 Western Swing Newsletter.

There are still unanswered questions .

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  1. This is a wonderful site ! Thank you very much . My interest in who played on ” Blue Skies ” is , at last , answered 🙂

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