About the Tiffany Transcriptions

The Tiffany Transcriptions, recorded in San Francisco between 1946 and 1947 are some of the most revered recordings, of any type of music, ever made. The Tiffany Transcriptions were designed to be  pre-recorded (transcribed) radio shows of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, hosted locally by radio stations across America. This website tells the history of these legendary recordings and other related information about Bob Wills and his years in California. Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys recorded over 458 individual recordings for the Tiffany Music Company of Oakland, California.  This number includes false starts, incomplete takes, mic checks, intros

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Listen to every known master recording of the Tiffany Transcription online for free.

The Country Music Hall of Fame has put on line their transfers of every know Tiffany Transcription master  for free right here at this link. These do not include the sessions where the masters are missing. This is a chance to here most of the Tiffany Transcriptions that have never been issued. We look forward to going through them and checking and correcting our discography. If you do a search on their website, you will find that the Country Music Hall of Fame  has a lot of other Bob Wills material including Zoom radio shows, and  Bob Wills Roundup shows. 

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Remodel and Restore

This web site has been off line for some time but in order to keep the information available, we’ve partially re-opened. During this time some pages will be off line. Some pages are still being worked on but are on-line, they may even change before your very eyes.. If you sharp eyed readers find any glitches, typos or problems please tell us . Or just shoot us an email to say hello so we know you’re still out there. One new feature which you can enjoy now, is you can listen to all of  the Kaleidoscope Records Tiffany Transcription

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