Tiffany Transcriptions

A Few Minor Errors.

These minor errors are only stated here for clarification and should not take away from the excellent quality of Rich Kienzle’s notes. They are all on page 13 of the booklet.

Kinezle says “The company manufactured 26 16-inch discs, five songs per side (one show) including the Texas Playboys Theme”. This is incorrect. Each disc was not a show. The discs were not meant to be played all the way through, and in fact it was impossible to do so since there was a locked-groove at the end of each song so it would not track to the next song. The discs were supplied along with a script. The radio station would have a local announcer host the show, read the script and then play the song indicated by the transcription record number and track number (or track letter as they were designated). This way, with one set of transcriptions, the songs could be shuffled to create an infinite number of shows. The Texas Playboys opening Theme was only on disc 1 and 37 and the closing theme was only on disc 37.

Keinzle makes assumptions on the failure of the Transcriptions based on the list of stations that were known to broadcast the Transcriptions using the list supplied in the notes to the Kaleidoscope album Volume 7. This list was never meant to be a definitive list and it says in the Kaleidoscope album notes (which, along with the list of stations, is omitted in the Collectors Choice release), that there may have been more stations and that this list was only the ones that there was definitive documentation of them carrying the transcriptions. There were a number of reasons for the demise of the Tiffany Transcriptions, and a contributing factor may have been the lack response from stations, but the actual number of stations and where they were located is simple not known.

Keinzle states that Kaleidoscope Records purchased the material from the estate of Cliff Sundin upon his death. Kaleidoscope did not purchase, but only leased the material from the Sundin estate.

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