The Vol. 10 Story

The Tiffany Transcriptions Volume 10 “Fiddlin’ Man”

Kaleidoscope Records F-39

Volume 10 was planned, but never came out due to Kaleidoscope Records being sold. Its new owners never released it. Kaleidoscope got as far as having test pressings and art work made. It was planned to come out on LP, CD and Cassette. The LP was going to be a picture disc with a hand tinted (pre-photoshop days) picture of Bob Wills on one side and a tinted picture of Tommy Duncan on the other. The CD and cassette were going to have pictures on them as well. This was to be the last of the LPs and the last of what Kaleidoscope Records felt were the cream of the crop recordings.

Some people call The McKinney Sisters CD, “Volume 10” but this is not correct. That was part of a new series and was numbered 6002. 6001 was to be an album of Bob Wills fiddle tunes from the Tiffany Transcriptions.

The fiddle album never got past the planning stages.

The Tiffany Transcriptions Volume 10 “Fiddlin’ Man” has never been issued. Here’s a list of what was going to be on it and some samples.
Side A 1 Fiddlin' Man 03/25/1946 Tommy Duncan
2 There’s A Big Rock In The Road 05/30/1947 Tommy Duncan 25-C
3 Black Rider 04/22/1946 Tommy Duncan 19-B
4 Punkin’ Stomp 08/18/1947 Instrumental 47-C
5 El Rancho Grande 05/06/1946 Tommy Duncan 3-A
6 I Don’t Love Nobody 05/13/1946 Instrumental 7-A
7 Everybody Does It In Hawaii 04/08/1946 Tommy Duncan 36-B
Side B 1 Silver Bells 05/13/1946 Instrumental 5-C
2 Riding On A Hump Backed Mule 04/15/1946 Tommy Duncan 41-C
3 Bob Wills Special 05/27/1946 Instrumental
4 Go Home With The Girls In The Morning 12/30/1947 Tommy Duncan
5 Papa's Jumpin 12/30/1947 Instrumental
6 Echoes From The Hills 05/27/1946 McKinney Sisters 4-C
7 Rubber Dolly (Tk 2) 05/13/1946 Instrumental 15-D

17 Responses to The Vol. 10 Story

  1. JP Cyr says:

    This is really exciting!! Do you have a release date for vol. 10 yet? Can’t wait to get my hands on that!

    Thanks pal,

    JP Cyr

    • admin says:

      This is not coming out. It was planned but never released. I have no control over any new releases of the Tiffany Music Company. The last contact I know of was several years ago and there was no interest in releasing anything then.

  2. Tomáz says:

    Hello there,

    do you intend to provide the complete Tiffany Transcriptions for download? Would you do that? If not, why?


    • admin says:

      This site is for information only. I will NOT have the Tiffanys available for download. I do not own the master rights to the Tiffany Transcriptions. They are still under copyright in the United States. I do not own the publishing rights to the compositions, only a few are “traditional” and in the Public Domain. The ownership and eventual release of all the Tiffany Transcriptions is a much talked about topic. Perhaps someday they will all be available, but since I have no control over that, I can only add infornmation to this website.

  3. John DeAngelis says:

    Thanks for providing the samples. They sound great!

  4. I agree with the other commenters./
    The songs sound terrific — and exciting.. like hearing never-before-heard Beatles songs.
    And .. I LOVE Junior Barnard’s solo on Fiddlin’ Man. So brilliant.
    Thanks so much for posting.

  5. The new Kaleidoscope section is fascinating.
    Good investigative work on your part. Thanks.

    What a treat to hear Junior Barnard’s riffs at the end of the Zoom ad.
    Yeah, these riffs are familiar, somewhat used in his intro to Fat Boy Rag but not quite… and he throws a piece of them into his Girl I Left Behind Me solo but again, not quite. I don’t think he ever did the same thing exactly the same way, though many riffs are familiar (and great) and yet all so original, which is impressive.

    In the video clip of the band and Junior doing Goodbye Liza Jane, it’s an interesting Barnard solo in D, starting up high on the neck where he does that funny counter punctual (high notes while plucking a low note in-between) — what an invention (!) …. and then starting the second passage low on the neck — and swinging always!
    I find it remarkable because they were probably lip synching, having done the songs in a Hollywood studio (please correct me if I’m wrong)… yet Junior (and the others i.e. Kelso) seem to be playing very close to what he would have had to play to produce those riffs… Even bands on American Bandstand didn’t take that much care to get it right..

    (One very quick aside. When I was a kid watching American Bandstand, my mother refused to believe that a band would lip synch.
    They wouldn’t do that, she said, suggesting it would be dishonest. She was naive, but I appreciate her values!

  6. George says:

    Will these ever be released in any way? It’s terrible seeing these locked away from the public.

    • admin says:

      Those who own and control the rights to the Tiffany Transcriptions have chosen not to release these. It’s difficult say if or when they will be released. In the current climate of the record business, with sharp decline in sales, releasing recordings such as these does not seem profitable. However, I believe a proper release of Vol. 10 could be successful.

      • George says:

        Does RGM have the rights to these?

        • admin says:

          As of 2012 the rights to the Tiffany Transcriptions were owned by the widow of Jeff Alexson (see the Kaleidoscope Records page of this web site).She had licensed them to Warners Music Group (WMG). RNG licensed their release from WMG. I do not know if anything has changed since 2012.

          • George says:

            Weird, hope these are released one day in physical or digital form. Black Rider has always been my favorite of Wills’ songs. Didn’t even know he recorded it for Tiffany.

  7. michael says:

    I just found this site, fantastic! I have a ton of Bob Wills memorabilia, I’, a huge fan from Fort Worth. Question about the number 10, are you aware of how many test copies were printed? Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site, great information here!!

  8. jsn says:

    What a great site! I just recently got addicted to Bob Wills. I don’t want to complain, but, the links to the samples don’t work for me… Are they gone? Anyway, thanks for the info, I’ve been downloading The Tiffany Transcriptions from amazon… It seems to me they could release #10 digitally without having to spend a ton of money to produce it on CD. I know I would pay to download it!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment. It inspired me to fix the music links and they should now work. Why they have never cared to release Volume 10 is a mystery to me. They have the assembled master tape and the art work (although they may have lost that) so it would be easy. All the collectors who have Volume 1 through 9 would buy it to complete their set and it’s a darn good album. I’ll try to get around to putting up clips of the rest of the songs.

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