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F-35 The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 9
“In The Mood”

Released: 1990
Reissue Production: Tom Diamant & Jeff Alexson
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil featuring elements of the original Tiffany Transcriptions advertising flyer, designer unknown.
Musician’s notes by Johnny Cuviello
Catalog Number: LP: F-35, Cassette: C-35, CD: K-35

Side One: Texas Playboy Rag, My Life’s Been A Pleasure, Elmer’s Tune, G.I. Wish, Milk Cow Blues, Shame On You, 12th Steet Rag

Side Two: In The Mood, You Don’t Care What Happens, St Louis Blues (Part One), St. Louis Blues (Part Two), What Is This Thing Called Love, Sentimental Journey, Back Home In Indiana

Johnny Cuviello and friends

The notes to Volume 9 were written by “Texas Drummer Boy” Johnny Cuviello. Johnny passed away on September 4th, 2012. There is an excellent article The Accidental Texan:How Johnny Cuviello Became a Texas Playboy in Volume 8., issue 1 of The Journal of Texas Music History. It has the best photo of the Zoom Radio Show.

Volume nine features the longest Tiffany recording St. Louis Blues (Part Two) at five minutes and 49 seconds. If you add up St. Louis Blues part one and two, you end up with eight minutes and fourteen seconds of St. Louis Blues.

The design to the album featured the Tiffany Transcriptions advertising flyer. Kaleidoscope Records found hundreds of these in Cliff Sundin’s basement. Kaleidoscope gave them away freely and at the sale of Kaleidoscope there were many still left.

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