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F-32 The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 8
“More of the Best”

Released: 1988
Reissue Production: Tom Diamant & Jeff Alexson
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photo hand tinting: Elizabeth Weil
Musician’s notes by Luke Wills
Additional notes: Jeff Alexson & Tom Diamant
Catalog Number: LP: F-32, Cassette: C-32, CD: K-32

Side One: Miss Molly, Ten Years, Blues For Dixie, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Sun Bonnet Sue, Sitting On Top Of The World, Big Beaver

Side Two: There’s Gonna Be A Party For The Old Folks, South, Trouble In Mind, Little Liza Jane, Sioux City Sue, My Confession, Get Along Home Cindy

When Kaleidoscope Records first reissued the Tiffanys, they sold extremely well, particularly Volume 2 “Best of the Tiffanys”. By the time Volume 7 had been released, sales were slowing down, and not everyone needed every volume. So it was time for “More of the Best”.

Steel guitarist Roy Honeycutt wrote the musician’s notes to Volume 8. Noel Boggs was the steel player on the May 6, 1946 sessions. By May 13th Boggs was gone and Roy was playing steel. He was also on the May 20th and May 27th sessions. By the time Wills recorded for Columbia Records in September, Honeycutt had been replaced by Herb Remington.

As mentioned elsewhere Tiffany owner Cliff Sundin had a treasure trove of memorabilia including two items used on this volume’s album cover. A beautiful ticket to the May 14, 1946 Zoom radio show, and a tour schedule for Bob Wills from the late 1940’s. The tour schedule shows they had few days off, and as pointed out in the notes, in the first 37 days on tour they covered 10 states.

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