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F-29 The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 7
“Keep Knockin'”

Released: 1988
Reissue Production: Tom Diamant & Jeff Alexson
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photo hand tinting: Elizabeth Weil
Musician’s notes by Luke Wills
Additional notes: Jeff Alexson & Tom Diamant
Catalog Number: LP: F-29, Cassette: C-29, CD: K-29

Side One: Keep Knockin’ (But You Can’t Come In), Honeysuckle Rose, Worried Mind, Okie Boogie, C-Jam Blues, I Can’t Go On This Way, Sweet Moments

Side Two: My Gal Sal, I’m Gonna Be Boss From Now On, Lonesome Hearted Blues, Joe’s Place, Sugar Blues, Too Long, Tea For Two

Tommy Duncan started with Bob Wills in 1932, was there for the first recordings in 1935, and was Bob Wills’ lead singer until Wills had Eldon Shamblin fire him in 1948. During that time, musicians would come and go, but Bob and Tommy were the heart and soul of the Texas Playboys. His last studio recording with the band was for the Tiffany Transcriptions on December 30, 1947. They made some good music separately after that, but it was never quite the same. They were re-united for a series of recordings in 1960 and ’61 by Liberty Records.

The Texas Playboys never considered themselves “country music” musicians. As Eldon Shamblin said, they played “popular music, swing music”. So this pose of Tommy Duncan on the album cover is telling. There’s the cowboy hat, cowboy shirt and cowboy boots, but he’s leaning so cool against the piano, cigarette in hand, as suave as Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, or any pop singer of the day. Country singers didn’t pose like that in the 1940’s.

The album starts out with a song that has one of the most enduring characteristics of the Tiffany Recordings, and that’s Bob Wills riffing some crazy words behind Tommy’s vocal making him crack up while singing. The same thing happens during Sweet Moments. Another interesting moment is Tommy slurring the words to a line in I Can’t Go On This Way.

This volume was dedicated to Tiny Moore, who died on December 15, 1987. Although the copyright date on this album is 1987, we are assuming that it was released in 1988.

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