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F-27 The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 6
“Sally Goodin”

Released: 1987
Reissue Production: Tom Diamant & Jeff Alexson
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photo hand tinting: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photograph taken by Robert Stinnett at a live performance in 1948 at Maple Hall in San Pablo, California
Musician’s notes by Monte Mountjoy
Catalog Number: LP: F-27, Cassette: C-27, CD: K-27

Side One: Oklahoma Hills, Sally Goodin (instrumental), I Had A Little Mule, Playboy Chimes, Never No More Hard Time Blues, I’ll Get Mine By And Bye, Jesse Polka

Side Two: Oh Monah, Smith’s Reel, I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket, Oklahoma Rag, Dev’lish Mary, It’s My Lazy Day, Sally Goodin

This album contains two versions of the old fiddle tune Sally Goodin. The first is an instrumental with just the fiddle and rhythm section, probably Bob playing fiddle. This is fiddle music as Bob learned it. The next version shows how they jazz it up with hot solos, section work and lyrics. On the Tiffany Transcription disc, it’s spelled “Sally Gooden” with an “e”. For some reason Kaleidoscope Records spelled it “Sally Goodin” with an “i”. The tune spelled, Sallie Gooden, was first recorded by Texas fiddler Eck Robertson on July 1, 1922 (Victor 18956), and is considered the first released recording of traditional country music.

The tune Jesse Polka was popularized in the western swing world by Cliff Bruner and His Boys’ 1939 recording Jesse.  Bruner says he remembered hearing it played by the Mexican railroad workers 1. It comes from a Mexican orquesta tune Jesusita En Chihuahua written by Quirino Mendoza y Cortéz.

1. Kevin Coffey, notes to Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers (Bear Family BCD 15032, 1997), 20

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