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F-19 The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 2
“Best of the Tiffanys”

Released: 1984
Reissue Production: Jeff Alexson & Tom Diamant
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photo hand tinting: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photographer unknown. Photo from the Tiffany Music Company collection.
Musician’s notes by Merle Haggard
Additional notes by Tom Diamant & Jeff Alexson
Catalog Number: LP: F-19, Cassette: C-19, CD: K-19

Side One: Take Me Back To Tulsa, Faded Love, Bring it on Down to My House, Cherokee Maiden, Steel Guitar Rag, Stay A Little Longer.

Side Two: Roly Poly, Cotton Eyed Joe, Time Changes Everything, Corrine, Corrina, Ida Red, Maiden’s Prayer, San Antonio Rose

Bob Wills recorded most of his best known numbers for the Tiffany Transcriptions. The one tune that was not known well at the time was Faded Love. This is the very first recording of this tune, which would become one of Wills’ signature pieces. However, the Tiffany recording, from the 4/15/46 session, was an instrumental. It was an old fiddle tune Wills had heard all his life, written by his father John Wills. Later, on 4/27/50, Wills recorded it for MGM and with lyrics written by Bob’s brother Billy Jack Wills. The MGM version was a hit for Wills, and later, Patsy Cline recorded it during her last sessions in 1963. It was a hit for her as well.

Merle Haggard & Tiny Moore - Sacramento, CA 1980

This was the only album that did not have an original member of the Tiffany band writing the notes. Knowing of Merle Haggard’s interest in the Tiffany recordings, Kaleidoscope Records asked him to write some remembrances. Haggard was a real Bob Wills fan. He had released a tribute album to Wills and at the time of the Kaleidoscope Records Tiffany re-issues he had two former Texas Playboys, Eldon Shamblin and Tiny Moore, in his band. Haggard learned how to play fiddle like Wills, picked up Wills’ unique body movements and Tommy Duncan’s vocal style, to create a Bob Wills segement of every show he did in the early 1980’s. Even Haggard’s lead guitar player, Roy Nichols, was ¬†influenced by Texas Playboy lead guitar player Junior Barnard.

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