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F-39 The Tiffany Transcriptions Volume 10 “Fiddlin’ Man”

Released: unissued
Reissue Production: Tom Diamant & Jeff Alexson
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil (cover art lost by Rhino/Warner Brothers Records)
Cover photo hand tinting: Elizabeth Weil(cover art lost by Rhino/Warner Brothers Records)
Musician’s notes by Dean McKinney
Additional notes: Jeff Alexson & Tom Diamant
Catalog Number: LP: F-39, Cassette: C-39, CD: K-39

Volume 10 was planned, but never came out due to Kaleidoscope Records being sold. Its new owners never released it. Kaleidoscope got as far as having test pressings and art work made. It was planned to come out on LP, CD and Cassette. The LP was going to be a picture disc with a hand tinted (pre-Photoshop days) picture of Bob Wills on one side and a tinted picture of Tommy Duncan on the other. The CD and cassette were going to have pictures on them as well. This was to be the last of the LPs and the last of the cream of the crop issues.

Some people call The McKinney Sisters CD, “Volume 10” but this is not true. That was part of a new series and was numbered 6002. 6001 was to be an album of Bob Wills fiddle tunes from the Tiffany Transcriptions.

The fiddle album never got past the planning stages.

The Tiffany Transcriptions Volume 10 “Fiddlin’ Man” has never been issued. Here’s a list of what was going to be on it and some samples.

Side A 1 Fiddlin' Man 03/25/1946 Tommy Duncan
2 There’s A Big Rock In The Road 05/30/1947 Tommy Duncan 25-C
3 Black Rider 04/22/1946 Tommy Duncan 19-B
4 Punkin’ Stomp 08/18/1947 Instrumental 47-C
5 El Rancho Grande 05/06/1946 Tommy Duncan 3-A
6 I Don’t Love Nobody 05/13/1946 Instrumental 7-A
7 Everybody Does It In Hawaii 04/08/1946 Tommy Duncan 36-B
Side B 1 Silver Bells 05/13/1946 Instrumental 5-C
2 Riding On A Hump Backed Mule 04/15/1946 Tommy Duncan 41-C
3 Bob Wills Special 05/27/1946 Instrumental
4 Go Home With The Girls In The Morning 12/30/1947 Tommy Duncan
5 Papa's Jumpin 12/30/1947 Instrumental
6 Echoes From The Hills 05/27/1946 McKinney Sisters 4-C
7 Rubber Dolly (Tk 2) 05/13/1946 Instrumental 15-D

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