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C-6002 The McKinney Sisters

Released: 1990
Reissue Production: Tom Diamant, Jeff Alexson & Dean McKinney Moore
Graphic Design: Elizabeth Weil
Cover photographer unknown.
Musician’s notes by Dean McKinney
Catalog Number: Cassette: C-6002, CD: K-6002

Side One: Betcha My Heart, I’m Crying My Heart Out, All By Myself, It’s All Over Now, Jealous Hearted Me, Don’t Sweetheart Me, Miss You, I Want My Momma, You’re Only In My Arms, It’s A Good Day, I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair

Side Two: Echoes From The Hills, Hawaiian War Chant, When Day Is Done, Put Your Arms Around Me, Will There Be Any Yodeling In Heaven, Feudin’ And Fightin’, Tumbling Tumbleweeds, To You Sweetheart Aloha, Blue Skies, There’s A Silver Moon On The Golden Gate, Pal Of My Lonely Hour.

On February 12, 1946 Dean and Evelyn McKinney received a telegram “Come at once am sure salary and job will make both happy. Wire when you arrive.” It was signed “Lee Bowman Business manager Bob Wills”. The McKinney started right off, their first recordings with Bob Wills were for the Tiffany Transcriptions at the very first sessions on March 25, 1946. They sang on over 42 of the Tiffany Transcriptions recordings. Dean and Evelyn recorded with Bob Wills in 1946 and 1947, not only for the Tiffanys but on both Columbia and MGM Records. By May of 1947 Evelyn married Bob’s brother Billy Jack Wills and stopped touring with the band, although she still recorded with them. On February 11, 1948 Dean married Tiny Moore and stopped performing with the band. By the time the Wills band was recording again in 1949, the McKinney Sisters were no longer with the band.

Dean and Evelyn kept performing as a duo and recorded two gospel albums for Cornerstone Records, (dates unknown).

With the reissue of the Tiffany Transcriptions on Kaleidoscope Records, there was a renewed interest in the McKinney Sisters and they began performing once again. Dean passed away in 2009 and Evelyn, passed away just recently, on December 24, 2012.

You can view a video of the McKinney Sisters with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys singing I Betcha My Heart I Love You by clicking here and scrolling down the page.

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