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9/5/2012: R.I.P. Texas Drummer Boy, Johnny Cuviello.
August 8, 1915 – September 5, 2012. His enthusiasm and love for the music knew no bounds. He was there when it happened and was an integral part of it. Another great musician and Tiffany Transcriptions band member gone. For more on Johnny see our Johnny Cuviello Page

5/9/2012: A new page is up: Bob Wills in California Newspaper clippings of Bob’s years on the West Coast here…

3/1/2012: The next chapter of the Tiffany Transcriptions Story is up! Kaleidoscope Records Tiffany Reissue Story

5/1/2012 BOB WILLS IN CALIFORNIA has moved to its own page here…

1/10/2012 Evelyn McKinney Stevens of the McKinney Sisters died on December 24th 2012. The McKinney Sisters were prominently featured on the Tiffany Transcriptions and in the Bob Wills band. Evelyn and her sister Dean (who died in 2009) were a great resource and inspiration to the Kaleidoscope Records Tiffany Transcriptions reissue series. A CD and cassette of many of their songs from the Tiffany Transcriptions were issued as Kaleidoscope #6002. Here’s a link to Evelyn’s obituary.
For videos of the McKInney Sisters singing with The Bob Wills Tiffany Band see Interviews and Videos.

12/8/11 Happy Holidays! We’ve been working on the next part of the Tiffany Transcriptions Story, The Kaleidoscope Records Years. We’ve also been going through the discography, session by session (just the first three so far),and adding new information.

11/13/11 New! The first part of the Tiffany Transcriptions is complete and you can read it now. It includes the story of the Tiffany Music Company and the recording of the transcriptions, the demise of the company and the Tishomingo and Lariat reissues. Start here!

New! You can now listen to excerpts of the Bob Wills Tiffany Transcriptions B.F. Goodrich disc courtesy of University of Missouri. Click here to go to their website then scroll down the page and click of the image of the Sound Recorders B.F. Goodrich disc. You’ll need Real Player to hear it.

New: An interview with Texas Playboys Eldon Shamblin, Tiny Moore, & Dean McKinney Moore.
March 10, 1981 at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino, Reno, Nevada.

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