Johnny Cuviello

9/5/2012: R.I.P. Texas Drummer Boy, Johnny Cuviello.
August 8, 1915 – September 5, 2012. His enthusiasm and love for the music knew no bounds. He was there when it happened and was an integral part of it. Another great musician and Tiffany Transcriptions band member gone.

Johnny’s 92nd B-Day Jam Oct 19th 2007 Hosted by The Texas Swing Kings with Herb Remington, and others

Johnny Cuviello and friends

There is an excellent article The Accidental Texan:How Johnny Cuviello Became a Texas Playboy in Volume 8., issue 1 of The Journal of Texas Music History. It has the best photo of the Zoom Radio Show.

Image of 78 stolen from author
Cary Ginell’s Facebook page.
Sorry Cary…

Here’s a link to the original recording of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys “Texas Drummer Boy” on MGM. Recorded November 12, 1947 and featuring Johnny Cuviello, Tiny Moore and Herb Remington, along with Bob and the rest of the Playboys. The same band that recorded for the Tiffany Transcriptions in 1947.

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