The Tiffany Transcriptions Story

This is a long and winding story. We’ve divided it into chapters. They are ever changing, so check back now and then.

Chapter 1. The Tiffany Music Company

Chapter 2. The Tishomingo Records and Lariat Records releases

Chapter 3. Kaleidoscope Records enters the picture.

Chapter 4. Rhino Records/Warner Music Group .

Chapter 5. British Archive of Country Music – Ole Buttermilk Sky

Chapter 6. Collectors Choice Music

Chapter 7. Real Gone Music Music

7 Responses to The Tiffany Transcriptions Story

  1. steve s says:

    Great site — probably my fave record series of alltime. Look forward to reading/listening more, thanks!

  2. skinny D says:

    well … i got around 100 of unissued songs of the tiffany’s …

    • admin says:

      Hi Skinny D, I’m curious. What do you mean by “unissued”. Does that mean they’ve never been on LP of CD, or does that mean they were never issued on the transcriptions, or does that mean they aren’t listed in the discograohy on this website?

      • Melet dominique says:

        well,i think they never issued on cd or lp,songs like aloha,barefoot days,big tatoes and many other,around 80 or more

        • admin says:

          Sounds like material from the Tiffany Transcriptions discs. These have been floating around for years. The first Tiffanys I ever heard were on a cassette with a bunch of songs dubbed from the discs.

  3. skinny D says:

    97 songs in fact,on some of them the band seems not to be complete,sound’s good,but gtr and mandolin misses and the steel gtr ‘s not N.BOGGS or H.REMINGTON,it sounds less good at my ears
    you don’t talk about the ole buttermilk sky cd,on BACM,it’s tiffany’s yoo

    • admin says:

      Roy Honeycutt played steel on three sessions and was not as dynamic a player as Boggs and Remington. If you have a complete list of titles you’d like to post, we can see if they are known Tiffanys.
      I have a review of the BACM release almost finished and will post it later this week. It’s both a disappointing, yet intriguing release. Check back in a few days.

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