Welcome to the Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys Tiffany Transcriptions website. The Tiffany Transcriptions, recorded in San Francisco between 1946 and 1947 are some of the most revered recordings, of any type music, ever made.The Tiffany Transcriptions were designed to be a pre-recorded (transcribed) radio show of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, hosted locally by radio stations across America. This website will tell the history of these legendary recordings and other related information about Bob Wills and his years in California.Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys recorded over 458 individual recordings for the Tiffany Music Company of Oakland, California. This number includes false starts, incomplete takes, mic checks, intros and outros, etc. There were more that 360 complete takes recorded. Only around 150 have been issued on LP or CD. See the discography above for details.Check out the items from the menu above and come back often as we will be updating and adding information and items frequently!Please do not reprint anything on this website without permission from info@tiffanytranscriptions.com.The purpose of this site is to give information about the Bob Wills Tiffany Transcriptions and related activities of Bob Wills during his years in California. It is not owned or associated with the current owners of the Tiffany Music Company. If you believe that any material on this site infringes on a copyright held by you, contact us and we will remove it. 1925315_670672102998169_1678074814_n New unreleased Tiffany recordings to be released in April. Real Gone Music will release a 2-CD, 50-track package of unissued Tiffany Transcriptions on April 29. They will also release a limited edition red LP a week earlier. The LP will contain:
1. I’m An Old Cowhand, 2. Long Eared Mule, 3. Put Another Chair At The Table, 4. I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes, 5. Don’t Fence Me In, 6. Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Age, 7. Black And Blue Rag, 8. Have I Stayed Away Too Long, 9. Moonlight On The Ganges, 10. What Is Life Without Love
Four of these tracks (2, 7, 9, & 10) will not be on the CD release.The set is produced by Gordon Anderson, Patrick Milligan & Mike Johnstone with audio restoration by Bob Fisher. Acclaimed author Cary Ginell is writing the notes and has been interviewing Herb Remington, the last living member of the Texas Playboys who played on the Tiffany Transcriptions.Here’s the LP:
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  1. Randy Gray says:

    This is totally off subject but I asked once before on another Bob Wills site and got no response. I was wondering if you knew if the performance Of Bob and The Playboys on The Grand Ole Opry exists? Is so have you heard it?


    • admin says:

      Good question! I don’t know the answer. This is a question the Country Music Foundation in Nashville hopefully can help you with. It seems if they don’t know the answer, they should know who the expert on Opry recordings is. I’ll put the word out with the people I know. If you find out the answer, let us know.

    • Billy Byrd says:

      I have recently acquired a recording of the 1948 Grand Ole Opry show in which Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
      did three songs. I will transfer to CD and will make available to those interested. To my knowledge Bob and the boys played three shows there: the first in 1941 and the 1948 show and one later on. Since then the Texas Playboys have played there other times but this not with Bob.

      • Buddy McPeters says:

        Billy, Just for clarity Bob Wills 1st appearance at the Grand Old Opry was not in 1941 but on December 30, 1944. His 3rd appearance was about 1959 with ALL 4 Wills brothers in the band – Johnnie Lee on tenor banjo, Luke on bass and Billy Jack on drums.

  2. Do you have t-shirts available? I have volumes 5,7,9 and 10 missing. Can you help

    • admin says:

      I do not have any T-shirts. However, Down Home Music in El Cerrito, California (510-525-2129) found a stash of them in an old cabinet of their’s. They have some for sale, but warning! some of them, although they look fine, have rotted and as soon as you try to put them on they rip. If you do buy one try to get some kind of guarantee. Try EBay for the albums you’re missing.

  3. Billy Byrd says:

    Several years ago a friend sent me an origional copy of that Transcription Flyer Red and Black. It is in mint condition.
    I have made copies for friends and would be glad to send one to anyone wanting one. Thanks for all the information and work you have put into this information and making available.

  4. Hi, I administer the Western Swing Fan page on facebook and would like to link the (yout) Tiffany site to that page so folks are aware of it and also, be able to read the fine posts that this site contains.

  5. Randy Sitton says:

    My comment is more of a question. Does anyone know who owns the rights to Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys Band’s music and his memorabili? I know that some songs’ rights were given or sold to other individuals throughout the years, but is there a family member or someone else that owns his music and his name’s rights? It would be great if that person would put together an official tribute band with talented Texas members to include family, if possible, or to continue a new Bob Wills’ Texas Playboys band touring with new songs and of course, the originals. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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